Wonderlab Interactive Evening

Hello and welcome.
We are running an intimate evening with the Theremin Bollards at the Wonderlab, Science Museum, London on August 16th, from 6pm until 8:00pm.
During this interactive event we’ll be looking to capture your reactions and feedback when interacting with the Theremin Bollards. This will involve a few short conversations  and questionnaires.
Drinks and snacks will be provided on the evening and we’ll be giving all attendee’s a little thank you gift for your arrival.
If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please sign up using the contact box below.
By registering, you agree to be filmed and casually interviewed during this process. Please ensure you able to make the event at the specified time and date, without risk of being late. Please do not sign up if you feel you may not be able to attend.
We look forward to seeing all of your lovely faces very soon!
Please RSVP below
The event has been hugely popular



If you would like to join us at future events please use our contact page to get in touch

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