our collaborators

Rebel Technologies


Developers of the amazing OWL effects pedal have developed our brilliant DSP Racks that have helped us in the transition from computers to hardware stand-alone version. We want to thank Martin Klang and his team for being brilliant and warm friendly humans who have taken our ideas and made them reality.

The OWL is an open source, programmable audio platform made for musicians, hackers and programmers alike. Users can program their own effects, or download ready-made patches from our growing online patch library. It is available both as a guitar fx pedal and a Eurorack synthesizer module.

Jake Rothman


Analog circuit genius! and i do not use this term loosely, Jake is also a warm and friendly guy who we have had the pleasure of working with for and has helped us realise our ideas and helped create a stable analog theremin that can be tuned if needed from a long distance, something that had not previously been done.

Jake Rothman‘s a respected analogue circuit designer, author, and lecturer. He originally graduated at the London College of Furniture from Tim Orr’s Electronics for the Music Industry course. Since then, Jake has gone on to make bespoke music technology for numerous musicians like Goldfrapp, Evelyn Glennie, Supergrass, The Beastie Boys, Super Furry Animals.

Oli Larkin


A highly talented software programmer who has patiently listened to my ideas and helped me develop them into working set of effects. Theretune and Arpemine  provide the sound processing for our long term installations. He has integrated his coding into the amazing open source OWL pedal. Oli has created amongst many other things the brilliant Casio CZ emulator/editor Virtual CZ  Go here to buy it