Music Therapy

Theremin Bollards and music therapy

We have observed first hand the power music can have and how it can motivate us to do the most amazing things! We are motivated to designing and providing a vehicle to allow us to do amazing things.


Personal Experience

The creator of this projects daughter learned to play drums although she has a physical disability, the odds of her holding drums sticks correctly were quite low. But! Determination, driven by her love for music helped her drive through adversity and against the seemed odds to become a competent drummer.

“I have often asked myself how and why she did this ? And i believe the over riding factor is music! She did this because she loves music and all of the wonderful things we get from engaging in it”. D Young (2016)


Feedback from professionals

Theremin Bollards have been recognised by Patients, Dr s and therapists alike as a creditable and innovative instrument. It works by detecting the smallest of movements within a 360 diameter  and 1-4ft range and translates them into sound. Our omni directional and Hi-Resolution system offers a response and sensitivity others do not.

Spinal injuries, physical disabilities, autism, stroke and dementia treatments are some of the therapies recognised by professionals as areas where Theremin Bollards could offer excellent assistive tools for therapists. Theremin Bollards give everyone a level playing field to enjoy a multi sensory experience



Interact and Connect are currently working with Accessible Arts Media using Theremin Bollards and other assistive technologies for music workshops in York, UK.