We are excited to offer Theremin Bollards V.3 for sale. We are proud our  innovation is created in our home county of Yorkshire.

Thanks to ISF Engineering, Jake Rothman, Rebel Technologies and Oli Larkin for your help in making V.3 our best Theremin Bollard yet.

What Is New in Version 3

Many features such as our unique, external retuning and omni directional speaker systems are offered in our latest version of Theremin Bollards. We programme the DSP unit to suit your needs and offer various casing colours and decals.  Please see some of the new features below.


  • Elegant hand made design: Our Theremin Bollards are carefully handcrafted and are durable to most elements.
  • DSP: Digital Sound Processing transforms Theremin Bollards into an instrument anyone can play.
  • Balanced In & Outputs: Theremin Bollards can be located more than 10 metres away from the supplied technology unit.
  • External Retuning: Allows users to retune our Theremins externally,  either by audible or visual methods from distance. A unique function no other Theremin has.
  • IP65/66 Standards: Theremin Bollards can now be installed both indoors and outdoors. Every element of Theremin Bollards have carefully been re-designed to withstand the elements of the outdoor environment.
  • Transpose Function: Allows the user to alter the output pitch of the Theremin Bollards by the turn of a knob.
  • Incremental Patch Change: The DSP unit changes the pre-set sounds of the Theremin Bollards automatically.
  • Screen Saver: A DSP unit feature used to prevent screen burn out. This allows the technology to run for long periods of time.
  • Wireless Headphone System: Brilliant for environments that require silence.
  • Omni-Directional Speaker: Theremin Bollards are designed with an internal 2 way speaker designed to distribute sound equally.
  • Resonator and Speaker design: The Theremin Bollard itself becomes a resonating chamber when used with the internal speaker.

Specifications & Drawings

Click the links below to be taken to a PDF document.