Theremin Bollards Specifications

Theremin Bollards are precision engineered. 

We provide a durable and reliable exibit/installation piece. Theremin Bollards have been thoroughly put through their paces at both The Strong museum and Science museum. One of the Strong exhibit technicians contacted me, please read below.

“The Theremin was a smash hit!  It withstood the rigors of our harsh environment, including a few kids “planking” and trying to break dance on top of it”

Key Features of Theremin Bollards:

  1. Designed for enhanced stability and remote tuning.
  2. Omni-speaker technology a feature which allows sound to be equally distributed around the player.
  3. DSP Unit designed and coded specifically for Theremin Bollards, with options for external sound reinforcement and lighting compatibly.
  4. User friendly design. Theremin Bollards are designed with beauty and accessibility in mind.
  5. Durable. Each component is professionally manufactured to high standards and built to endure daily use in public spaces.
  6. Fun.
  7. Unique.



Theremin Bollards Specifications



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