Wonderlab – London, UK

We are proud to have two Theremin Bollards in Wonderlab, National Science Museum, London, which is a new interactive gallery that is hugely popular with visitors of all ages.


Inspired by power of wondering, Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery enriches learning across the curriculum themes of Forces, Electricity, Light, Sound, Matter, Space and Maths. If you have played Theremin Bollards at this destination we would love to hear from you.

Theremin Bollards Still Making People Smile

It has been several years since we installed Theremin Bollards in the Science Museum and they are still making people smile.

The Strong Museum – USA

The Strong Museum was our first permanent installation. We were thrilled to provide a Theremin Bollard for such a high level client. After it featured in a 3 month exhibition called “Rockets and Robots” we received some amazing feedback from the museum.

“The Theremin was a smash hit!  It withstood the rigors of our harsh environment, including a few kids “planking” and trying to break dance on top of it”

 – Strong Museum Technician 


It was great to hear that the Theremin Bollard had been thoroughly tested and enjoyed at the Strong Museum. Our installations are very durable, very fun and unique

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Regency Centers, USA

We supplied Regency Centres with two Theremin Bollards installed outside at the Field at Commonwealth shopping centre, Virginia, USA.

Regency Centres have created something very unique at The Field at Commonwealth and we are proud that this is our first outdoor installation and our second in the USA.

Have you played Theremin Bollards here? Get in Touch.

Nathan Bath stands beside a Theremin Bollard. Photo by Bonnie Hobbs.

Coming Soon 2 installations in Malaysia

We have shipped 2 Theremin Bollards to Malaysia. In May we shipped 1 to the Discovery Centre in the Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and in November we shipped another to the Discovery Centre in Kuching. Watch this space to find out details when they will be displayed to the public.