Music Therapy

We believe music has the ability to change people in positive ways and we are driven by our endless curiosity and creativity to create inclusive music making through our interactive sound art and global installations.


Theremin Bollards have been recognised as a creditable and innovative therapy tool by Patients, Dr’s and therapists. Theremin Bollards work by detecting the smallest of movements within a 360 diameter and 1-4ft range and translates these movements into sound. Our omni directional and Hi-Resolution system offers a response and sensitivity which others do not. This makes Theremin Bollards ideal for therapists and patients.


Spinal injuries, physical disabilities, autism, stroke and dementia treatments are some of the therapies recognised by professionals as areas where Theremin Bollards could offer excellent assistive tools. Theremin Bollards allow everyone a level playing field to enjoy a music making experience.

Personal Experience

The creator of Theremin Bollards daughter learned to play drums although she has a physical disability. The odds of her holding drums sticks correctly were quite low. But! Determination, driven by her love for music helped her drive through adversity and against the seemed odds to become a competent drummer.

“I have often asked myself how and why she did this ? And i believe the over riding factor is music! She did this because she loves music and all of the wonderful things we get from engaging in it”.

 — D Young (2016)

Salisbury NHS Spinal Injury Clinic

I worked with Jack at Salisbury NHS Spinal injury clinic in 2016. Jack had sadly had an accident which meant he was paralysed. I was invited by the physic therapists to demo the TB’s and whist I was there they asked me if I could do a session with Jack, which I promptly agreed. Jack told me about being a guitarist and that not  being able to play music again in the same way was probably the hardest part of his recovery. Within minutes Jack was forcing his body to engage with the Theremin Bollards and we all witnessed a huge change in his character and spirit. Jack made some great music.

I received a letter from Jack a couple of weeks after our meeting and the impact of this session hit home.. I was left feeling very, humble, proud and determined to explore designing a future device based on the Theremin Bollard. Tymba is a tool device that is being currently developed that could change peoples health in positive ways..  Jack’s letter below describes my innovation and the impact it can have better than i ever could…

Dear David,


I would like to start with an apology.  I had sent you an email the day after we met but due to a technical hitch, ie a glitch with my voice recognition software, it appears it was not sent.


Even now two weeks after your visit I am still buzzing with excitement that I may still be able to play music and in such an awesome way.  After my injury which has left me with no movement of my hands I thought I would not be able to play or perform music ever again.I am literally so excited at the prospect of being able to do so again. I would like to put my hand up as a guinea pig for any experiment, trial or development of the theremin bollards.  I would love to be involved in any way possible in any capacity in the future development of your work.


It is hard for me to describe how much of a difference to my morale, well being and mood has been lifted just knowing that there is such a project/product out there which will facilitate that can allow me to make music again.


Many, many thanks


Jack Mannings