Meet The Team


Who am I? Technologist, maker, designer, teacher, sound artist, musician, gardener and in my own words, interested in stuff.


I have been involved with music since the time i played my dads trombone, aged of 4 and waking the whole house up.


I am a passionate musician, teacher, artist and designer. I believe that music can change the way we think, feel and are. Theremin Bollards are my way of demonstrating it.

Aran-Marketing Manager

Being involved with Theremin Bollards has begun an extremely positive chapter in my life. It’s hard not to be passionate about what David has created here.


I have not come across many things in my life that I believe can add value to such a range of people and it is my aim to try and bridge that gap. Isn’t music just amazing!?


I love exploring the depths of the world and I hope to one day own a motorhome so I can do just that!