We continue to promote and embed our ethos as we tour the Theremin Bollards nationally and globally. Our aim is to install devices in every continent and to share what we have learned with the world. Devices are currently installed in The Science Museum as part of the Wonderlab exhibit and in the Strong Museum, Rochester USA.


Wonderlab are very proud to provide two Theremin Bollards for this amazing new cutting edge interactive museum gallery. Wonderlab has been hugely popular with visitors at the Science Museum and the Theremin Bollards have been receiving some great feedback and press.

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Bailley and The Bollards was a something we hoped that one day we could make happen! During the launch event for Wonderlab this hope was realised. Bill Bailey was more than happy to play with our Bollard. Click to see a video of Bailey and the Bollards.

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The Strong Museum, USA This is our very first permanent installation and we would like to thank the Strong Museum in New York state. One of the exhibit technicians contacted me and told me “The Theremin was a smash hit!  It withstood the rigors of our harsh environment, including a few kids “planking” and trying to break dance on top of it”

It is great to know Theremin Bollards have been thoroughly put through their paces at the Strong Museum, please check out this great video of a young man playing with the Bollard

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Theremin Bollards were thrilled to be invited to the amazing Yorkshire Sculpture park  for a 3 day exhibition in August 2014. With the Theremin Bollard project originating in Yorkshire, this installation will always be one of of favourites.   This exhibition included a performance day, interactive day and meet the artist day. Below are some images from the 3 days.

We would like to thank. The Yorkshire Sculpture Park, York St John University, performers  Vanessa Simmons, Chilli Bon Bon, Dub Barn Collective, Chris Klavense,.and special thanks to Paul Fothergill. kayleigh Miles Hugo Glenwright and Nicky Young for helping make it happen.

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To install Theremin Bollards under dippy the dinosaur was a special moment. The sound in the main hall was amazing, we had hundreds of people enjoy the theremin bollards throughout the 2 days we were lucky to be there. A huge thanks to Rob Toulson for asking us to be involved and for his ongoing support for our project.

Below are a selection of images from the 2 day event.

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Please watch the video of the installation

Please click this link to see some of our past events

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