TB V.3 Theremin Bollard

What’s new?

V.3 Theremin Bollards has undergone many changes from previous versions. The system now boasts: Transpose, a function which allows the users to alter the output pitch of the Theremins by the turn of a knob. Incremental patch change saves the user from having to manually change sounds. Simply turn the unit on, tune the Theremins and the unit will change sounds automatically every hour. Screen saver function has been added to the DSP unit to prevent screen burn out, especially useful for systems running long periods of time. Balanced output, Our Theremins can now be positioned more than 10 metres away from the technology unit. External retuning function: This is a big deal for us. This is a unique function that no other Theremin have and allows the user to retune our Theremins externally, either by audible or visual methods. All of these functions make Theremin Bollards totally unique, their is nothing else on the market or in the world like Theremin Bollards. We have witnessed 10’s of thousands of people enjoy the experience of playing on these musical posts and we believe nothing else offers what they do.

What is a Theremin?

Designed in 1918 by Leon Theremin. One of the oldest electronic musical instruments, which you play without touching. An electromagnetic field surrounds the Theremin and this is broken when a player moves towards the Theremin.

Theremins are wonderful things, nothing else can offer an omni-directional sensitivity range and offer the fun of making music without touching the instrument. Theremins react to small changes in our atmosphere and therefore will need retuning to accommodate for these changes. Theremin Bollards are essentially a musical instrument and like all musical instruments, they need retuning to keep them working.

We have designed a system that allows the user to tune our Theremins from distance. This is a unique system that no other Theremin on the market can offer. The system has been designed to make the process of retuning very simple.  The Theremins can simply be tuned with the turn of a small knob in our technology rack unit, this can be done by either listening to the Theremins audibly or by a visual method if you position the technology unit out of hearing range.

When we first started the project out our Theremins would drift every 5 minutes or less. With Theremin Bollards we have designed a system that has been developed to function for extended periods and can run in certain environments long periods without needing retuning. We are proud of the tireless hrs spent making V.3 Theremin Bollards such an accessible and fun installation.

Version 3 Theremin Bollards have been designed to be suitable for inside and outside use. TB V.3 is our best Theremin bollard yet. Check out our specifications page

We can provide Theremin Bollards as single units or as multiple bespoke installations with multi-sensory enhancements. We can provide on site installations or alternatively offer distance support including: installation support, manuals, user guides and online help.

We can provide a wireless headphone system, allowing Theremin Bollards to be used in any environment. Please get in touch for more details

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