Beacons Music Festival – 2012

Our first large public installation was Beacons Festival. The organisers came and visited us at one of our early low key exhibitions and were blown away by Theremin Bollards. They noted that this was unique and one of a kind and wanted to have them at there event. They extended their love for Theremin Bollards by giving us our our space at the festival, a geodesic dome!


We spent months planning for the event and installed 3 Theremin Bollards in the space, which we put a floor and carpet in as well as lights and video project, all linked to the audio output of Theremin Bollards, creating a truly immersive interactive multi media experience for festival goers.

The reaction was astounding and the tent had queues of people for 3 days. We had hundreds of people immerse themselves into the Theremin Bollard Ballroom, many losing themselves in the moment for a great deal of time. The feedback was incredible and the fun people had was amazing.


This event was a special event for all the team, very tiring, but unforgettable. Here are a series of images from the event. Enjoy! We did.