theremin bollard images & specifications

Below are some images of the Bollards and some of their components and manuals being packaged for shipping to the USA. Please contact us for more information. We provide a durable and reliable exibit/installation piece. Theremin Bollards have been thoroughly put through their paces at both The Strong museum and Science museum. One of the exhibit technicians contacted me and told me

“The Theremin was a smash hit!  It withstood the rigors of our harsh environment, including a few kids “planking” and trying to break dance on top of it”

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Analog Theremin advanced technology, including remote fine tuning and advanced drift stability. Our Theremins have been tested over extended time periods. After a week of no drift we concluded our theremins were indeed very us for more details

DSP Sound processing unit developed by Martin Klang, Oli Larkin and the Theremin Bollard team. Our rack has pre-set sounds included. It is open source and has an online web editor. Please contact us for more details

Precision engineered stainless steel base unit with omni-speaker technology and Internal frame. This elegant work is the design of Jon Wood and allows the sound to be equally distributed. contact us for more details

Plastic Bollard casing, highly durable and finished to a high standard. Our current colours are Black and white. We can provide any colour casing or even put you a custom design on the casing. see dimensions

We can also provide, rack unit, amplifier and EQ rack to complete your installation, furthermore we can provide extra speakers to enhance the experience. We would love to hear from you and help with any questions you may have regarding Theremin Bollards. contact us for more details



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