What are Theremin Bollards?

Theremin Bollards are kinetic sound sculptures. These interactive sonic devices create sound from your physical movement. All ages and abilities are invited to throw their best shapes around – your movements will be translated back to you as music.


Theremin Bollards a totally unique and fun experience.

The new functions in V.3 make Theremin Bollards totally unique! We  are confident their is nothing else on the market or in the world like Theremin Bollards. We believe nothing else can offer the experience they do.


Can i buy them?

Yes, Theremin Bollards are currently for sale worldwide, we offer door to door delivery and can meet any customers specific needs. Each unit comes supplied with all the necessary technology and equipment to get you up and running. We offer bespoke mounting plates to suit your environment and a range of extras, such as wireless headphone system to enhance your exhibit. We can programme the DSP unit to incrementally change to suit your specific needs and offer various casing colours and decals.  More details


Where can i play on them?

Wonderlab, Science Museum, London, UK. 

Strong Museum, New York State, USA,

Discovery Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Field at Commonwealth, Virginia State, USA. 




Watch our short film?

Please check out this short film about Theremin Bollards. Many thanks to the National History Museum and Professor Rob Toulson for inviting us and allowing us to install in such an amazing space..


Who are we?

Interact and Connect are a multi-disciplinary team who together blend digital and analog Theremin technologies with sculptural forms to create sonic art works. We realise the power music has on the human mind and body and understand that the potential for developing our devices spans a range of sectors. Check out some of the people involved in making Theremin Bollards here.






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