what are theremin bollards?

Theremin Bollards
Are interactive sonic sculptures that will blow your mind. All ages and abilities are invited to throw their best shapes around these other worldly posts – your movements will be translated back to you as music.

Watch our short film?
Please check out this short film about Theremin Bollards. Many thanks to the National History Museum and Professor Rob Toulson for inviting us and allowing us to install in such an amazing space..

Why did we do it?
We wanted to make an inclusive, interactive and fun device that anyone can play. Theremin Bollards are great fun for all ages and abilities to make music through movement. With Theremin Bollards you take centre stage without the need for practical skill!  Enjoy elements of music making that you never thought possible.

Who are we?
We are a multi-disciplinary team who together blend digital and analog Theremin technologies with sculptural forms to create sonic art works. We realise the power music has on the human mind and body and are working towards creating an effective therapy tool. As well as therapy we understand that the potential for developing our devices spans a range of sectors. With specialisms in music composition and performance, education, electronics, software design and development and creativity we are a passionate and talented team with high aspirations.. Please visit our therapy page for more details.

Please check out some of the people involved in the theremin bollards here.

Where can i play on them?
We currently have two long term installations, one at Wonderlab, Science Museum, UK and the second at the Strong Museum, New York State, USA.

Where can i buy them?
Please visit our page for more details